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Mar 20, 2020

I remember while I was still very young - and before I owned my first business - putting in the 8-5 working for other people.

And every time, I couldn’t help but think to myself how great it would be to spend the 8 hours working for myself and building my own business.

Well folks, now’s your time to do the same. You can build whatever you want, whatever you've always wished for, you have no excuses, nothing holding you back. So take advantage of the current situation as an opportunity to grow and build yourself.

Show Notes

Amidst the current storm, we’re in, amidst the negative and depressing updates all over mainstream and social media, today’s show is a message about hope and optimism that tomorrow will be better than today.

In today’s show, Jeff Brown, a brilliant investor, and editor in numerous publications will be my main source of reference in regards to his reports on the Covid-19 outbreak and how we’re slowly, but certainly improving, learning and growing from this situation.

And thus, despite the constant call for alarm and panic from the ratings and numbers obsessed media, here are some of the top indications that we’re day by day recovering from the Covid 19 pandemic;

New confirmed cases have completely leveled off in China. There are just a handful of new cases each day. (Social distancing helps stop the spread of the virus, so please, for all the people out there partying, tempting fate, you're putting yourself and other families in grave danger)

Warmer, more humid weather slows down the spread of Covid 19 (Just like past airborne viruses, this means that cases in the Northern hemisphere will dramatically fall as we enter spring humidity and early summer)

Electronic supply chain manufacturers in China are on a track to return to full production by the end of this month (March of 2020), shipment, transportation to airports and seaport logistics is almost back to normal.

A Chinese biotechnology company has already shown early success with the combination of its hepatitis C and HIV treatment for Covid 19. Early data from a clinical trial on 11 patients demonstrated all 11 patients have recovered and been discharged from the hospital.

Also, get to find out why the current situation has exposed our weaknesses and vulnerabilities in self-reliance. As predicted by Ross Perot, all our products, ranging from surgical masks, gowns, electronics, labor, resources, etc are outsourced and (or) manufactured and shipped from China.

Crowdsourcing the Covid 19 Cure using a Video game

Folded is an online video game that started as a research project at the University of Washington's center for game science and the department of biochemistry. Players try to fold proteins into shapes that are stable and functional.

Different individuals have different ways to process and understand information. What’s easy for you to understand in a classroom may be impossible for someone else to understand. Likewise, I could easily dissect and process information from a game as compared to other classrooms and book talented individuals. And that’s why we need all hands on deck to help solve the Covid 19 pandemic.

Alexa trying to become a doctor?

The current situation is also acting as a catalyst towards Amazon trying to produce small connected devices that could run various tests like taking our temperature or even analyzing our blood.
Alexa will then analyze results, send them back to the cloud, and then make a diagnosis from there. After it’s a diagnosis, Alexa will order prescription medicine for you and have it delivered on your doorstep within hours and perform a follow up within a few days.

In conclusion, try to steer away from all the negativity and hype the media is trying to spread just for views and sensationalism. You know what they say, attention pays.

Let’s all pray and turn to God in these tough times for protection and guidance in these dark and difficult times (and not just because of the pandemic, but because we need Him every day of our lives)

Stay safe and stay full of hope and happiness.

Selected articles

The ‘giant sucking sound’ of NAFTA: Ross Perot was ridiculed as alarmist in 1992 but his warning turned out to be spot on.

Ted Talk Video: The next outbreak? We’re not ready | Bill Gates

Tech giants are getting creative to manage the COVID-19 crisis: New trials, new websites, new employees: Google, Amazon, and others are finding new ways to help


Bill Gates Ted Talk that predicted our current pandemic (4:02)
Jeff Brown’s publications and message of hope (05:05)
Google’s on deck too! (06:11)
Ross Perot arguments, and how it’s playing out today (08:39)
America. Are we really independent? (10:09)
Take financial advantage of the state we’re in (12:02)
Sensationalism sells. Stay off the media (13:14)
“Crowdsourcing” everyone's help to find a cure. (13:33)

Special thanks to Jeff Brown for his fabulous research in “The Bleeding Edge”

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