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Mar 6, 2020

Living the dream! Luna Keller is from a musical family, thus music has always been a part of her from as long as she can remember.

His dad who is a musician and producer has been a pivotal part of her love and growth in the music profession. Music has always brought Luna and her family so much joy, and beautiful life moments, that she feels so lucky and blessed to be a talented singer and songwriter.
The sky's the limit for Lunar and as she performs on small stages and travels the world, she knows for a fact that she’s chosen her way, she loves it in ways she can’t describe, and she is truly happy.
Show Notes
Today on the show, I’m joined for the first time, all the way from the Canary Islands, by the talented and captivating Luna Keller.
Only 18 years old, Luna has already written over 400 songs. Stay tuned as we dig deep into the songwriting process, as Luna shares with us her thoughts, feelings, and emotions when she’s writing songs, and why the whole process is very dear and special to her.
With so much experience, talent and passion at such a tender age, Luna Keller’s unique blend of songwriting, teamwork production and instrument playing is set to dazzle any music fan out of their seats!
Luna started writing songs at a very young age. Her father who is a music producer has certainly played a huge role in paving her path towards her music career.

Blessed with a unique insight into songwriting, Luna gives us a sneak peek of what it’s like when she’s writing songs and the euphoric feelings that tags along with it.
Having lived in Ireland for a short time, Luna’s singing and love of folk music was a result of the society and culture that she adopted whilst in Ireland. She has a strong belief and liking for teamwork and working together in the effort to produce creative and unique artistry when singing and songwriting.
You’re most definitely in for a real thrill in this week’s episode dear listeners! With top hits from the album, including “Alice is in love with a Mad hatter” and “I don’t know where I’m going”.
If you love without fear and do what you want and really get to be who you want to be, then that can not be beaten by anything.
I'm a fan of teamwork. I think there are always new perspectives that other people can bring to your art that you would've never thought of.
As a songwriter, you kind of get used to certain things that you do a certain way, and when you write with someone else, you get a new perspective on songwriting and it makes you grow as a songwriter and you create something that you wouldn't have created on your own.
The takeaway is really just that you don't have to have it all figured out and it's okay to be on your way. And to work through things since you're not always going to be perfect.
Songwriting for me is a very personal and emotional thing.
My songs come from a very deep place and a very personal place, so depending on where I am emotional, I will be capable of digging in there and writing from that feeling.
You learn from yourself and you learn from the progress. I think it's really important to not beat yourself up or get obsessive about this one song that you couldn't write or that you wanted to write. But instead to actually say, “okay, I'm learning, the next one will be better”. And then when you write a song that's really good, you just, as you say, you get this euphoria like, yes, I want to share this with the world. This is amazing. And it's a process. It's got its ups and downs.
In songwriting, you're always searching for something you haven't done before. Searching for a new perspective, a new way to tell a story, and when you find it, it's a wonderful gift. I'm so grateful that I get to summarize and to put my feelings into songs.
I think there is a big difference between an instrument that has been programmed and an instrument that has been played. Songs played by human beings, I think I have a much more organic feel, and that’s my kind of music.
Time Stamps
Listen to Alice is in love with a Mad hatter (6:00)
Listen to I don’t know where I’m going (19:22)
Lunar’s hobbies (23:39)
The connection between poetry and reading (26:04)
Listen to Two Chords (35:53)
Production of two chords and why it’s special to Luna
Her inspiration and story behind we’re all mad here (35:21)
Listen to We’re all mad here (43:54)
Germany, Switzerland, and Lunar’s plans for the year.(43:38)
Alanis Morissette
Eric Bay
Uli Pfannmuller
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