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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jan 24, 2020

Welcome to the dHarmic Evolution Podcast, and joining us from the music city of Nashville, Tennessee is a local born, raised and made, Savannah Morris, with her own distinctive sound, and an energy that is hard to duplicate, take a listen to where she has been, and more importantly, where she is heading! 

Born in a musical family, Savannah feels the path towards her career in music was made the moment she took her first breath. Growing up around a supportive and inspirational environment of parents who were not just musically talented but local celebrities, went a long way in weaving the fate of Savannah and her brother as music proteges. 

As one of the 8 Nashville Natives, Savannah feels blessed both career-wise and socially by networking and linking with a lot of the Native locals in the music and entertainment industry, all of whom have supported and helped her evolve and get better with her music. 

Recalling her daily ‘SHEPF’ routine, which was Savannah and her brother’s daily after-school drill of having snacks, doing homework, exercise, and later on playing the piano and fiddle. Savannah admits that it all annoyed her, but nostalgically reminiscent, this routine was a key factor leading to her disciplined and passionate drive towards success in her music career. 

Growing up in a musical family has its pros. Savannah is a testament to this as she narrates the invaluable opportunities and chances she got from performing alongside her parents, gaining not just the much-needed confidence which was a “must-have” for her lifelong career in music, but she also got to meet great individuals and celebrities like Morgan Freeman. 

Quotes from Savannah 

You’re blessed to be an artist, you’re blessed to be doing music as a career, and although a lot of artists fail to see this as they’re blinded by their goals of becoming big and famous. It’s truly a blessing to do something you love, as you never work a day in your life – Savannah Morris 



[1:50] Introduction. Getting to know Savannah 

[6:28] Listen to Kudzu by Savannah Morris 

[10:40] Savannah gets to the inspiration behind Kudzu 

[13:18] Savannah’s unique experiences growing up in a musical family 

[17:19] Listen to Lonely Happens by Savannah Morris 

[21:50] Savannah describes her experience growing up as a Nashville Native 

[26:30] Savannah work with local artistes 

[27:42] Savannah’s career gigging as a music artiste 

[30:56] Titbits and inside info of Savannah’s traveling hobby 

[33:15] Savannah dives into her experience producing Don’t Ya Think About Leavin’ 

[35:01] Listen to Savannah’s Don’t Ya Think About Leavin’ 

[39:55] Savannah’s favorite Nashville’s spots to perform 

[41:28] Savannah’s hobbies when she’s not performing 

[45:28] The inspiration behind Savannah’s song Ranger Wilder 

[47:08] Listen to Savannah’s song Ranger Wilder 

[50:43] Savannah’s bucket list for 2020 


Connect with Savannah Morris 







Selected Links and mentions from the show 

- Mac Davis....'.Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me'
- Elvis Presley - In the Ghetto 
- Nashville Now
- The Filling Station
- Wild Horse Saloon Nashville
- The local Hotel Nashville
- The End Hotel Nashville
- Kudzu
- Savannah and Sam Morris
- Larry’s Country Dinner
- Ole Red Gatlinburg
- Grand Old Hatchery


- Donna Rhodes
- Earl Green
- Garth Brooks
- Reba McEntire
- The Bee Gees
- Craig Morris
- Loretta Lynn
- Sam Hunter 
- Ranger Doug 
- Buddy Hyatt 

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