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Podcasting Your Global Career

Dec 20, 2019


Hello ladies and gentlemen, hope your holidays are wonderful.  Today’s Highlight Reel continues featuring Nancy Harms’ melodious and heavenly jazz vocals. 

Nancy Harms is a New York-based internationally known jazz singer. Born and raised in a small Minnesota town, Nancy’s journey to becoming the woman and artist she is today was filled with a lot of trials, setbacks, and tribulations. Her first blow came when she applied for a choral music scholarship for college, but she wasn’t even granted an audition. The best singer in her town, and not even an audition. 

She completed her Music Education degree through her own means and began teaching music in small Minnesota based schools. While working as a teacher, she’d experience panic attacks and suffer from severe anxiety. This was deemed to be the lowest and most depressing moment of Nancy’s life. The message from her anxiety was loud and clear. This line of work was not meant for her. 

Through the help of some incredible friends, Nancy was able to move to Minneapolis in search of her true and authentic self. She started singing at coffee shops alongside her college buddies, and slowly snowballed her way into bigger gigs in clubs and restaurants. With every performance and a standing ovation, she began to slowly come to the realization that becoming a Jazz player was her true calling and purpose in life. 

A lot of Nancy’s songs are about her friends, through whom she derives everyday inspiration and learned so much about life. 

Today, she travels the world, gracing different audiences with her sweet, angelic and glorious vocals. But for the next one hour, you get to listen to her soothing, warm chocolate voice, exclusively on the dHarmic evolution podcast. 

“Where I perform doesn’t really matter. It really comes down to the audience with me” 

 -Nancy Harms 



[5:43] Listen to Nancy Harms’ “Heavenly body” 

[10:37] Nancy gets into the story behind Heavenly body 

[15:05] Nancy’s journey towards Jazz music 

[18:50] The inspirational story of Rob Riner 

[19:42] Listen to No go by Nancy Harms 

 [25:50] Stretching towards the European horizons 

[29:33] Nancy’s fantastic band 

[31:22] Nancy gets into the story behind “Won’t give in” 

[32:32] Listen to Nancy Harms’ Won’t give in 

[37:30] Nancy’s lowest moment and Turnaround 

[44:09] Nancy performs “Rolling back to me” 

[49:50] Shooting of Rolling back to me 

[50:58] Nancy’s favorite places to perform 


You can reach Nancy through: 


Facebook @nancyharmssings 

Instagram @nancyharmssings 

Twitter @nancyharmssings 

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