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Nov 22, 2019

Michael was born in the Ironbound section of Newark NJ in 1958. Born of Italian descent, and one of six children. He graduated from East Side High School in 1976. After high school, he mainly worked in his father’s restaurant until he sold it in 1986. Although he was part of a very close and loving family, he seemed to always feel like something was amiss inside. His mother and father afforded him every opportunity to get ahead in life, but he always seemed to make the wrong decision. This continued to happen until June of 1987, which is when it seemed like his life went in a completely different direction. To Michael, it seemed that way because although his life got better on the material plane, he still did not have a sense of completeness within.
Quotes from Michael

[03:35] The reason why a person gets addicted to anything, is because the inward tells you to reach out for something. You need something to fill your void.

[10:45] We’re all addicts, we just use different things. Society only addresses the ones that are devastating.

[11:18] If you can’t just be with yourself, without needing to reach for something, that’s the question. Why?

[12:02] You become distracted by the distractions that distract you.

[14:17] The thought is energy. It comes into your head, and what you do with it from there determines your life.

[16:20] The labels that we apply to things, destroy us. They keep us entrapped in our suffering. That’s what the conditioned mind is.

[24:33] It’s your own conditioning that limits you. Your own mind tells you to do something, and the same mind, questions why it was done.

[28:36] The more that you can spend your life in the present moment, the more at peace you’re going to be.

[33:25] The older you get, the more conditioning you have, and the more of a puppet you become, and society is the puppeteer.

[36:00] Your body is always in the present moment, your mind is all over the place. When you develop your body as an anchor, you put yourself in harmony with life, with universal energy.

[14:58] How Michael embarked on his book writing.

[18:13] Michael’s experience and lessons learned while promoting his book.

[21:24] Michael’s experience with a fan
Do you live a life that you’ve always wanted and you’re still not happy? Are you not getting the most out of your life? Then it’s time for you to look within and find out why. Joining us in the studio today is the author of It’s Monday Only in your Mind, Michael Cupo.

[01:56] The story behind the book, It’s Monday Only in your Mind.
Michael had addiction problems when he was young. He was, however, able to conquer his addictions when he was 28; got a job, got married, and even started a family. It was 13 years later though, that the real change happened. Although Michael’s life was going on just fine, Perfect job, perfect family, perfect life. He couldn’t help but think of how he was going to be there for his kids. This act of unselfishness is what caused the chain reaction leading to Michael’s deep reflections and thoughts about his life.

[8:07] Conquering his alcohol and drug addiction.
Describing it as one of the most pivotal moments of his life, Michael’s eldest brother died as a result of addiction. At the time, Michael was only 26 and knee-deep in drug and alcohol addiction. The death of their eldest son broke Michael’s parents, who gave Michael the ultimatum of either straightening up or getting out. This began Michael’s 2-year process of quitting his addictions.

[23:32] The conditioned mind.
What Michael presents, is the next step in the evolutionary process. When you don’t need to reach for anything and you’re o.k with who you are, just the way you are, just as it is. You’re not looking to change what’s happening in the present moment.
It’s your own conditioning that limits you. Your own mind tells you to do something, and the same mind, questions why it was done. Once you’re able to start looking at yourself and understanding that it’s you, that it’s your own mind that’s the enemy, it’s when you start to understand the conditioned mind and you no longer blame the world.

[32:30] The rat race
The beginning stages of why humanity has developed the way it has is because, from the moment you’re born, you’re given a name. It’s your attachment to that name that the problem begins. You spend the rest of your life identifying the name with jobs, marital status, social status, likes, dislikes, this, and that, and in the process, you fail to understand. You miss the process. You fail to understand what humanity’s existence is all about.
As your attachments increase every day, you lose your true essence, you lose who you truly are in the process. And you start looking more outside yourself for the answers.
It’s nobody's fault, of course, it just how humanity and society have designed itself.


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