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Podcasting Your Global Career

May 24, 2019

Quotes from Gene: 

On work Ethic:

“Yes there is no question as I am looking around the office at the Gold Records and Grammy awards on the walls here,  every single one of these people is workaholics, just like I am, they are not just talent waiting for the phone to ring”. 

Counseling Artists:

“I spend a lot of my day with people doing consulting work with people who know they have talent, their willingness to invest in themselves and work hard but before they take those steps they want to sit down and talk to a professional and say hey before I do this, what should I do? So before they get out on that road, every dime they are spending, every ounce of hard work is efficient, it’s smart, it’s productive”. 

On American Idol:

“American Idol has been on for more than 10 years now, I think its fantastic what they do, because there is a lot of things pulling on consumers, for their time and their entertainment dollar, you have movies, and TV, and internet, and Netflix, and Hulu, and you name it, there are just so many things that someone can spend their time and money on, when they want entertainment, and for a while there in the early 2000’s music was starting to slide, and other things were starting to take away their market share. Then those shows came along, and music got to be popular and it got America excited again about music. It got to be the water cooler subject in offices across America. 

The bright spot:

“I think with the Internet it gives everyone a voice, when I was in a band there was no one from Italy that was going to find a band in New Jersey. Now someone could be a home-based artist, not even performing that much, but they have great songs, great video’s, a nice online presence, people read about them in a blog eight thousand miles away, and they can go right to iTunes and buy the song. I mean it’s an incredible opportunity, there is no label involved, no manager, you can truly be a global artist without the support of anyone. Also, try to get opening slots, instead of playing a dive bar for 30 people, if you can play for 2000 people at a theatre, it’s the same amount of work, the same amount of effort, but you are reaching such a larger audience”. 

Song Evaluation:

Gene has offered to do a free evaluation of your songs by mentioning dHarmic Evolution, you can send him a note and a link to your songs here

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