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Jan 4, 2019

Max Yasgur allowed his dairy farm to play host to 400,000 music fans at The Iconic Woodstock Music and Art Fair held at Bethel NY August 15, 1969.

Ha! It was never in Woodstock!

What was supposed to be 50,000 people attending, turned into more than 400,000!

My response to Woodstock many years later is a song called Peace and Love that reflected the times, the social temperament, the Vietnam war, the draft, the dead, and the courage of our young people that had risen peacefully to say “no more”, and, “hell no, we won’t go”!

Special thank you to Clara Scott for her article on Joni Mitchell. Clara is a writer for the Michigan Daily.

Joni Mitchell's masterpiece, “Woodstock” and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young performed it at the Concert.

Laura Cheadle, my favorite Hippie, inspired this broadcast, please check out her Episode DE176, find out why the “hippie vibe” fits her so well!

Peace and Love were written by James Kevin O’Connor 2011.

Had a pretty good time, back in 1969, I was a little too young for Woodstock so I visit often now tye dye shirts, and Crimson cows, and Love, Hey just two words changed everyone, turned a lot of heads down in Washington, you can’t fight free will with a bigger gun, hey what’s all this crap about Peace and Love, don’t you know I’m in the middle of re-election.


Yeah, Peace and Love, Hey it’s easy Man, you don’t need to have a plan.

It’s in the holy bible and koran, hey far out man, I like living with a Cruzan tan, a little taste of living off the land, its such an easy thing to understand when East meets West there will be Peace and Love.

I remember waking up in a daze, staring through a purple haze, we’de all gather round to watch the evening news, praying that someone had the brains to blow out the fuse. That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, flower power hell no we won’t go, while the jungle bleeds red, with teenage dead, what the hell we doing playing Giant steps on the Moon.


It’s amazing how we seem to find, a way to tiptoe around the landmines, I stretch my hand out connect to you, hey brother to brother, just twin reflections, of one another, could we take a chance and say, could we take a chance and say Namaste?

hey Namaste~


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