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Nov 9, 2018

When did you create the Chad Hollister sound and who was it that got into your mind and soul to formulate who you are?

Drums are my roots, so in 2nd grade, I convinced my teacher to let me bring in my drum kit so that I could play, so I played to Kiss’s Rock n Rollover, from then when I went to Middle school, and I did the same there.

Favorite Artists: Stewart Copeland and the Police were my roots, as well as Paul Simon, and Bob Marley.

Riley Odelia had a song, so Bodi needed a song, and he got one!

“As a singer/songwriter I’m always working to just get better all the time, and to not be so preachy, and to bring about a positive message, right now more than ever in this world, we need music and we need positivity, because there is so much going on to deter us from that, but I feel that if we stay positive and continue to deliver that message through music I think the world can be better as utopic as that may sound, its a heartfelt dream of mine.”

Taking the Family on the Road:

“God bless my wife, Katie, in terms of highlights, we were blown away by Yellowstone National Park, sitting on a Volcano! We loved the Pacific Northwest and the real highlight was the Native Americans in our country and trying to understand what happened to them. There should be a native American history month in school every year, and it’s just not done. It was a real heartbreaking element seeing these reservations that are not flourishing.”

On Production:

“The entire record was produced by myself and Danny Bernini. Danny has done a lot of work with Ryan Montbleau, in the past, he had worked with Acoustic Junction. A really great guy and the thing that was great about Danny was that he was trying to bring out the best of Chad Hollister, and I think he did that, he was also the engineer on the project.”

Sharing the Stage:

“We got a chance to do the Bob Dylan Paul Simon opener, and Tom Petty as well. We were backstage hanging with the Brecker Brothers, and my hero Steve Gadd, who I had met two months prior on Martha’s Vineyard, he was hanging with Carly Simon, all of a sudden they were in front of me and we realized we were going to be on the same gig. All of a sudden Paul Simon walks out of the dressing room and just stands there, for a good 10 minutes (because we were all talking) I looked over and said “Hey Paul” and we just chatted for another 20 minutes and he complimented us on our sound check, so that was definitely a huge hi-light, and then Warren Haynes is one of the nicest guys and I got a chance to open for him, he invited me up on stage to play congas with him, he is such a gentleman.”

On Breathe:

From the “Stop the World” album, was included on the soundtrack for the movie 911.


“Back at the beginning of Pandora, they were anxious to have anyone as they were just getting started, and they needed content. The very first analyst was Bob Coons who was our guitarist at the time and then went on to play for the JGB (Jerry Garcia Band). Fast forward 18 years later, and Bob Coons is still an analyst to this day, and he got us into the catalog with my early records. We were touring in Oakland and Pandora has us up and the President is introducing us as one of their first bands with their very first analyst which is Bob and he is playing with me.”

Stop the World:

“I wrote this for my Mom, she is 86 years young, and I am the youngest of 5 kids, and she has 18 grandkids, of which my kids Riley and Body are 17 and 18. Whenever she is having one of those moments that she doesn’t want to forget, we grew up with the term “Oh Stop the World, I wanna get off” My brother and I would always make fun of her. Growing up and then having kids myself and also my brother and sisters having kids, we all started to have this stop the world moments myself, we play it every year at the Spruce Peak performing arts center in Stowe, this is our 6th year in a row?

House Concerts:

“It’s been huge in the folk world forever. The beautiful thing about a house concert is that you are in a much more comfortable setting, you just get to hang, the people get to know you , I take more time to explain where the songs come from, its just a beautiful connection to have with your fans, and the experience for the fans and the artist is just a million times better. Do 20 at 20 its a really simple marketing technique, 20 friends at $20 and it works.”

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