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Podcasting Your Global Career

Mar 12, 2017

Welcome back to dHarmic Evolution podcast with me, James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter, audio/video artist, and master storyteller. Today on dHarmic Evolution we are checking in with Texas’ own Jon Pattie!
Jon Pattie, who lives a double life studying for his chemical engineering degree, is stopping by with a good look at his history, his writing style, and the story of his recording sessions - a great glimpse into the process of a soulful singer/songwriter!
Check out Jon’s inspiring and heartfelt story on this episode of dHarmic Evolution!
On this episode:
-Playing shows everywhere from bars on 6th Street to SXSW!
-From a note on the phone, to recording in the studio…
-The amazing therapy that comes from making music.
-Jon’s electric aspirations!
Jon Pattie songs featured:
-Stranded in the Ocean
-Tied Up in the Sheets
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