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Dec 13, 2019

Hello guys, welcome back again to the show. This week in our highlights reel, we cover Ivy Alex. I hope you enjoy listening to the flawless interview with this rare gem in the music industry, whilst savoring some of her top masterpieces.

Ivy is a pianist, singer/songwriter and Berklee College of Music Alumni. She’s from St. Petersburg Florida and despite being talented and in love with music from a young age, Ivy owes some of her music and songwriting career to Berklee, where she studied and practiced many different music genres.

2 years after graduating and armed with knowledge, confidence, and passion, Ivy paved her musical career path by mixing Jazz, Classical, Neo-soul and Pop genre of music into her own brand of singing and songwriting.

A talented piano maestro, Ivy loves to challenge herself through her diverse singing and songwriting abilities. She does so by diving into new waters of music composition and production, and it is through this, she believes that she’s able to grow and get better as an artist.

[7:07] Berkley’s impact on Ivy’s music career.

While at Berklee, Ivy was able to diversify her music knowledge through the numerous classes and resources made available to her. At Berklee, Ivy studied; Jazz, Rock, Classical, Reggae, Funk and so many other different genres and instruments. She also learned several other ways and means of songwriting through studying different greats and artists like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Steely Dan.

[35:22] Hobbies - The Kava Bar

Ivy is a total workaholic and enjoys spending all her time and focus on creating her music. When she’s free, according to her, her only focus is on how she can create more music.
On other days though, Ivy enjoys visiting The Kava bar. A local bar she used to work at when she was young. The kava is a communal bar where people get together and drink Kava. She enjoys relaxing in the vicinity of many individuals and listening to people talk about their day and lives.

Ivy also finds solace and happiness through journaling (5 pages a day) and walking with her two dogs.


[2:48] A little advice on the value of time management.
[5:25] Introduction
[8:42] Ivy’s diverse yet unique style of music – Syncopation
[10:59] Listen to Lust by Ivy Alex
[17:40] Ivy describes the subject matter of her song Lust
[20:20] James and Ivy dive into the songwriting process
[23:32] Ivy’s new songwriting venture and projects
[24:40] Listen to The Darkside by Ivy Alex
[28:28] Ivy gives the story behind the Darkside
[31:52] Ivy’s good vibes and music production
[36:36] Ivy’s sources of inspiration
[37:58] Eavesdropping
[39:20] Listen to Waterfalls by Ivy Alex (A true piano masterpiece)
[45:01] The inspiration behind the song Waterfalls
[46:08] The challenges of being a piano player
[55:45] Ivy’s current projects

You can find Ivy through:

Facebook @IvyAlexMusic
Instagram @ivyalexmusic
YouTube Ivy Alex
Soundcloud Ivy Alex

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