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Podcasting Your Global Career

Sep 6, 2019

In this episode of dHarmic Evolution, James sits down with Amanda Shaw, a singer-songwriter from the UK. Amanda has this evocative distinct voice which rooted in her childhood and teen musical experiences. Her influences include Tori Amos, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Faith Hill. In the interview, Amanda shares about her passion, her stories, her journeys, her aspirations to go back to the center stage to share her music with the whole world.

Conversation Highlights: 

[03:01] Amanda as a songwriter and singer

[13:40] Learning the things of being a writer

[28:40] Her process of songwriting  

[31:00] Amanda’s writing regimen

[44:51] Her Goals in the Next Months

[53:23] London music scene in the eyes of Amanda


The 3 Great Quotes from Amanda Shaw: 

[3:38] “As a musician, we have to wear so many hats... songwriting... performing...gigging.” 

[22:16] “As a singer and as a songwriter, we should have an end goal.” 

[22:21] “The reason why we get into music is not to write a hit song,... but we want to express ourselves.”

An Interesting Interview Moment:

Amanda shares her story with Kelly Clarkson when she was looking forward to putting together a new album. She considered her range and her sound.  She wants to work it out for the song to make a hit. She also considered what the song tries to build and what story it tells. She mentions that it’s important to identify the recurring theme. 

Then, she shares her writing regimen when she looks for ideas for her songs. She does not actually follow a daily process; rather, it’s her creativity that switches her on. She mentions that she does not write in the morning but she expresses her ideas at 10 o’clock in the evening. Cool, right? For her, evenings are the best time to write because her tiredness throughout the day could not bring her creative self. Also, running makes her come up with creative, and she has morning pages where she writes all her ideas. 

Aside from songwriting, she would like to go back to the center stage as a performer. She also shares that she would be contacting publishing companies that might be interested in her songs. She would also try to set up gigs and be more visible on Facebook. She would opt to have an acoustic guitar and Cajon drums to accompany her in her performances.

The 3 Great Songs of Amanda Shaw: 

[4:42]  First Track: Sanctuary

The title of the song means getting back to yourself again. It is finding that place in you, your sanctuary. She even mentions that you need time in finding it.


[23:50] Second Track: Without You

It was written by Andrew Ross, and it was recorded in his studio. In this music, there was a mood, and it sounds like what will happen to you when somebody leaves or is without you. 


[39:00]  Third Track: Stelf

This song was not written by Amanda. She explained the unique title of the song by connecting it with the tiger which is always ready to get its prey. Tigers do things in a clever way, and the person in the song is like a tiger. 


[47:26]  Video: Black and Blue

This song was written by  Gabrielle Miller, and the video was made by Faraday Indiana. She was really inspired to sing it and had a great time filming the video.


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