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Podcasting Your Global Career

Aug 16, 2019

Best from Amy:

“We're put on this Earth to do you know stuff that you know is going to change the world.”

“You know a lot of the artists they work you know they work full-time part-time right? So I'm doing both. I've got the three jobs, I've got a singing career. I'm Hannah Montana!”

“I’m always in the moment…  I'll be at work, and something will come to me, and I'll grab out my notebook on my phone and just start typing it in.” 

“Canadian Redneck” Amy Rose is as down to Earth as an artist can be, and we’re lucky to have her back on the dHarmic Evolution! She tells us about how her work/life balance; it’s not easy juggling being an EMT, a Mom, and a country singer at the same time - but this real-life Hannah Montana pulls it off with stellar songs like Sunday Morning After and One Of These Days. 

About Amy:

Amy grew up on her parent’s classic country music, so it’s no surprise she wants to take everything song she hears and turn it into a country jam. She recently worked with producers Marty Beecroft and Glenn Coulson of VIP, and released her first international release to radio single!

Featured Songs:

- Sunday Morning After
- Sunshine
- Party Like A Redneck
- One Of These Days

Also, you can listen to Amy Rose in episode 58 of Dharmic Evolution Amy Rose | Country-Singing Canadian Chick Loves "Nash Vegas"

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