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Sep 28, 2018

It’s Hurricane Season in the Northeastern part of the United States, and it was appropriate to roll out a song that did not make the cut for the “Gratitude” album, today we are featuring “Rollin on It”


Like a runaway train hauling stacks of steel, with a cranked up firebox and greasy wheels, screaming down the mountain on a 45, I don’t think I’m gettin out of this one alive but I’m rollin on it.

Rollin on it, I’m rollin on, rollin like a wave on the ocean. Rollin on it, I’m rollin on it, just rollin on rollin like a wave of emotion. 

Standing on the top of El Capitan, I got a 31-foot green and yellow wingspan, caught a thermal rise in the afternoon sun, with a peregrine falcon having so much fun.


Rolling like the smoke from a runaway train, I’m rolling like the wind behind the driving rain, rolling like the heat from acetylene flame, I’m rolling with the power of a Hurricane. Irene, Katrina, Sandy, Hey Hugo, where did you go?

Still, big problems in the South with more intense flooding of homes and its not even over yet!

Please ask the Lord to bless those in need of relief from this horrible disruption of life and property!

Mentioned: Darrah Brustein on episode DE182

Hurricanes Leslie and Kirk developing?

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Rollin with situations, and ending up in a Hurricane, Irene, Katrina, Sandy, Hey Hugo, where did you go? 

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Whisper a prayer to the Lord for help for the people suffering from the Hurricane, the Lord is Listening!


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