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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jul 19, 2018


Rakale Hannah is a Singer/Songwriter, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker and is preparing to release her debut Album, Other Side Of Blue.

I'd like to discuss the journey of getting to the other side of blue. I also want to discuss the message behind Ho'ponopono, and #timesup.


On this episode:

- As I continued to do the work to heal my own life, people began to come to me for insight themselves and it was like my journey of self-discovery, was turning into an opportunity for me to be able to support other people, and doing what they love as well.

- I am so happy now to have slowed down the wills of a few things in my life so that I can focus on my first love which is music, I am excited to be here today to talk with you, someone who is so passionate about music!”

 - All of “you” can be in your life, I am a person who is passionate about personal development but I am also a singer and I get to be both of those things, in my album, my passion for personal development is there, as well as my love for R&B, soulful, sexy music.

- I have the capacity to hold space for the deeper work, but I like to be in forwarding motion, and that’s what I believe a life coach is”

- On Growing up: “I was at Church every Sunday, Wednesday, most Friday’s, some Saturdays, and I was only allowed to listen to Gospel music as a child.”


Rakale Hannah songs:

- Other Side of Blue
- Times Up
- Ho’ponopono
- Makin Music


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