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Podcasting Your Global Career

Feb 21, 2016

Music has brought him closer to his Creator.


Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter, audio/video artist, and master storyteller. On today’s episode, we go all the way to the UK to visit another talented artist with a heart, Anthony Everest.


Anthony Everest is a homegrown artist. He has gone through so many trials in his life, from feeling like an outcast as a child to being saved from emotional issues by his faith. Music became his sanctuary, and that sanctuary is beautiful!


On this episode:

  • Anthony brings me back to his early days and tells me about how he discovered the love he had for music
  • He talks about his songwriting styles and how he comes up with the melody
  • “My voice is my main instrument.” Now, isn’t that just the truth?
  • An autistic child was touched by music, and that in turn, has touched Anthony in a most heartwarming way
  • He tells me about friendship and how this became his compensation for the emptiness he felt in his life
  • Of course, Anthony also shares how his faith has repaired him and it’s just inspiring!
  • Jesus is his number 1 friend! Now how cool is that!


Anthony Everest songs featured:

  • Emptiness
  • Follow Your Dreams
  • Never Around
  • Kiss Me, Baby

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Aremourin Facebook page


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