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Podcasting Your Global Career

Nov 17, 2023

Jeff Griffin is a powerhouse of motivation and inspiration, if you have been sitting around with no drive and no energy, take a listen to this episode and take life by the throat, Jeff will teach you what real challenge is all about!

Climbing Mountains Is Cool... - - ...Moving People To Take Action Matters Most 🏆 - Book a Discovery Call with Jeff ☛, ✉

Who is Jeff Griffin?
Jeff Griffin, is a world class transformational speaker, best selling author and mindset expert.

Jeff Believes Success is a 3 part series

► 1. KNOW what you want
► 2. FINISH what you start
► 3. CELEBRATE the process

A construction accident left Jeff paralyzed from the waist down, in-between college football seasons, over 20 years ago. His life and dreams were shattered but not defeated. He's picked up the pieces and has since discovered the Steps to Success that Great Leaders Follow and Finish.

How Does Jeff Help Others Take Action?

🏆 Have you ever been paralyzed in the past from the demons of doubt and fear?

🏆 Have your methods to motivate fallen short of expectations, if not flat on your face?

🏆 Have you struggled to find the resilience to refuel the fire of desire?

“I'Mpossible”, Jeff’s transformational message, Ignites the Eternal Tinder inside those that Experience It! It Moves and Motivates those who See It! And better yet, It Gives those who Do It, Power to Progress - - One Step at a Time!

Jeff desires to Motivate Millions to Get Up, Get Out, and Get Going 10 X quicker by not only telling them how to accomplish the impossible but by showing them one step at a time.

Jeff is a Living Example of Overcoming Debilitating Obstacles:
In his presentations, Jeff literally gets up and out of his wheelchair and takes a few steps forward during his Keynote Speech; even after the experts told him he would never stand or move his legs again. Jeff walks people through a powerful hidden gems he's discovered and written in his 10 step World Record Leadership Training and Personal Improvement Program called I’Mpossible!

Are you looking for help with:

► Motivating Audiences of all ages and sizes To Take Action
► Executive Coaching and Consulting
► Building Winning Cultures
► Keynoting Corporate Events and Fundraisers

Take action now and book a discovery call with Jeff Griffin at:

☎ (385) 288-1218 


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