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Podcasting Your Global Career

Nov 3, 2023

Dustin Riechmann is a serial entrepreneur and online marketing expert.He specializes in helping mission-driven solopreneurs add 6 figures to their bottom line by telling the right stories on the right podcasts.

Everything he teaches is based on real-world experience from his clients and his own successful online businesses.

Quote #1

I had been listening to podcasts for many years and enjoyed it. It just never really occurred to me that I could be a guest. I didn't know, like, how does that even work? Yeah. So I just decided to give it a shot. So I found a show that I thought our story would be particularly timely for, because it was about side hustles.

And so I crafted this pitch and I crafted it around the idea that I partnered with a local business, brought a product online and was able to sell it online, which was a big topic at the time because all the local businesses were suffering and recorded it, and it went really well. I sold some meat sticks, which is like the whole reason I got on there.

Quote #2

So then I found another and another, and it turns out like the first 12 shows that I reached out to all said, yes, and they weren't small shows, you know, they were, they were good shows. And I realized I had a knack for it basically, you know, I'd been doing engineering for years, but in that role, I actually acted more like an attorney in a lot of ways, a lot of persuasive writing and, and I knew copywriting from my digital marketing days.

And I just found that. This was a great marriage of those skills to get on the shows, and I was pretty rough as an interviewer at first, but through repetition, I got better at that too.

Quote #3

And it was just completely inbound. So I didn't have a brand, or a website. I'd never called myself a coach or anything, until 2021 people started reaching out to me and they started paying me for one on one coaching, just like come up with a 90 day marketing plan with podcast guesting as like the central part of it and I started doing that.

And so I did that for about 20 individuals that transitioned into small groups. And now like the main thing I do is actually run a mastermind program, and I need a mastermind that uses podcast as the main marketing vehicle. But to your point, that's a great foundation, but it can be extremely time consuming if you're trying to do it all yourself.

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