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Podcasting Your Global Career

Sep 1, 2023

Today we go to the land close to the land down under, lets find out about courage and determination.

This fine young lady grew up in Eastern Europe, then moved to London, then to New Zealand, wow, now there's a mix of cultures, languages, and societal differences to challenge anyone with fitting in and figuring it all out!

Join me in todays interview with Annamaria Berek who now resides near the beautiful Lake Taupo in New Zealand!

Annamaria's passion:

She empowers female entrepreneurs to unchain their rebel and mischievous spirits to become abundant in every sense.

She love's helping women on the mission of financial and emotional independence by rebelling against social limitations.✨️

My content is about:

 mindset for abundance
 attitude for success
 unique feminine side unleashed to stand out

Founder of The Red Heel BO$$ Academy

Helping Female Founders Get Clients by Creating BADA$$ Brands in 2 Weeks 
Rebel Biz & Mindset Coach 
Women Empowerment Speaker 
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