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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jul 14, 2023

On today's episode, we are joined by Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr, two international bestselling authors and hosts of the Be Bold Branding Podcast. Together, they are partners in BrandFace®, where they have helped thousands of Coaches, Creators, and Experts define, develop, and display their personal brands to change how they're seen and charge what they're worth. Their mantra is "People don't do business with a logo. They do business with a person". Join us as we dive into their journey and learn from their expertise on how to build profitable personal brands.


Tonya Eberhart is the founder of BrandFace® and Branding Agent to Business Stars, author of four books on personal branding and host of the Be Bold Branding Podcast.  Tonya’s humble career began while selling vacuum cleaners door to door to pay her way through college. That led to a job in radio, where she observed local business owners who were featured in their own advertising and positioned as local celebrities in the market. That’s when she realized the power that personal branding has on a business. Almost two decades and many successful brands later, she founded BrandFace®, a personal branding firm comprising a book series, speaking series, and personal branding program that is designed to help authors, podcasters, speakers, coaches, and business owners differentiate themselves.


Michael Carr is America’s Top Selling Real Estate Auctioneer, the Abundant Life Broker, COO of BrandFace and host of the Be Bold Branding Podcast. During his 25 years of experience, he has been actively involved in over 78,000 transactions and licensed in as many as 31 states in the continental U.S. as a broker and an auctioneer..  Michael first met Tonya in 2013 when he became a BrandFace client. He immediately put her exclusive personal branding concepts to work at his own brokerage, and as a result, his real estate business quadrupled over the next year.  On the heels of that success, they have co-authored two books together:  BrandFace® for Real Estate Professionals and BrandFace® for Entrepreneurs, both of which became #1 international bestseller on Amazon.  Today, he is a partner and the COO of BrandFace®.

Their mantra is, “People don’t do business with a logo.  They do business with a person.”


Quote #1

(On Michaels Hiring of Tonya)

“I was in San Bernardino, California. I was peppering her with questions. It was like middle afternoon, you know, maybe two o'clock. Something like that. Uh, you know, whatever, 12 o'clock to her or whatever it was, something around that. And I, and I'm like, pepper. And she's finally, she said, listen, you've asked me every question that you can ask me.

All you can do now is just trust that I'm gonna do it. And I just took a deep breath and said, well, I trusted you two weeks ago. I was just giving you more hell than I had to say, so let's get started.”


“Michael was my first brand face real estate client. So it was my first foray into the real estate world and personally branding somebody. So, um, at first I thought, okay, this is gonna be. Pretty easy because in the real estate world, people are used to being the face of their business already.

Their photos are on their business cards, they're on their yard signs a lot of times, and they're used to kind of putting their persona out there. And I thought, this is an industry that could really, really use the help, because a lot of 'em put their face out there, but they really don't put their differentiation out there.

And I knew there was a lot that I could teach. So when I started working with Michael, it was like, It was like butter, honestly. It was like he, he listened to everything. He was anxious to get it done and the, he was like working with a thoroughbred and you kind of had to hold back the reins. Right. And that's where literally, I would say to him, look I handled his expectations by telling him I was going to handle his expectation. I said, Michael, let me handle your expectations. And he, at, at that moment, he knew that what he wanted yesterday was gonna take at least another 48 hours, right? And so I knew that. We know that I had a timeline. He had a timeline, and then we had this thing where it's like, okay, we, all of these things cannot be a priority, Michael, so we're gonna do the 1, 2, 3.

Okay. So we're gonna put some things are to one that's a priority. Those things we take care of first. Second, things are really important and right on the heels of that. And third need to happen sometime, but not this week. Right. And so then it became, let's turn those threes into ones right. So we had a lot of fun throughout the process, but it really taught me that, um, when somebody wants it, when somebody gets it and understands it, that's the greatest client of all."


The number one job of your brand is to precede you. Before anybody gets on the phone with you or on a Zoom call or meets you in person, they should already be familiar with you and what you stand for.


Everything that you see out there about us on every platform, we'll talk about a couple of different things. Number one, We build profitable personal brands. Number two, our mantra is change how you've seen and ch change how you're seen and charge what you're worth. And then third is a, a personal brand is a lot more than a photo, a logo, and a tagline.


We look at 77 different criteria when we build a personal brand. If people see those things on the front end, they're expecting something. Totally different on the backend. They're already prepared for it, and that's actually what we help all our clients do is build a brand that precedes you. So when your prospects get face-to-face, they already have their credit card in their hand.






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