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Podcasting Your Global Career

May 26, 2023

Speaker Rich Kozak engages audiences with straight talk they can trust to define & language their Brands with clarity that makes Brands come alive & attract.

People worldwide discover m a g n e t i c clarity for their Brands with the IMPACT DRIVEN BRANDING Process accelerating their significant impacts on people, and the world.

Rich Kozak provides powerful, heart-connecting vision for successful entrepreneurs determined to impact people's lives at a higher level. 

His passionate, IMPACT DRIVEN speaking magnetically attracts entrepreneurs worldwide. Through his insightful Rich Strategy Nuggets, people benefit from 46 years of deep experience in defining Brands and launching them. 

As a speaker, author, Branding coach & mentor, Rich empowers entrepreneurs' Brands to uniquely "Come Alive, "attract and grow. 

Through Rich's unique straight talk, entrepreneurs experience an "Aha moment" seeing how Branding is a step- by-step process

It is, for this reason, Rich wrote the book,

7 STEPS to Ensure YOUR Brand Impacts People's Lives,

and the World The book's promise?:

Get CLARITY for the impacts vou will make and STEPS for the Brand YOU will become!