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Podcasting Your Global Career

Mar 14, 2023

Michaell Magrutsche co-produced with Robert Evans (Godfather, Chinatown Love Story) and was also the City Arts Commissioner of Newport Beach, California, he also wrote 5 books. 

He has been a leader all his life and is now writing the book on the next form of leadership because he can function with humans better than in systems. 

Michaell has given 120 interviews worldwide  in the last 8 months primarily about system values versus human values, leadership's most trait self-awareness, our superpower of creativity, dialogue and adaptability.

The next disruption that we already are into, we have created too good, and too much, that we pivoted to not having the time to find those products, let alone engage in a sales funnel and buy the product or service. We need leaders that understand this and not push more, but be aware and wiser.

Art/creativity is an integral part to reveal to you, who you are, rather than waiting for others to define you. Art/creativity as a human superpower. Art always reminds us of a life as human BEINGS.  


Michaell is more aware of this because he was a sick child and also is dyslexic, and having dysgraphia (hand eye coordination)  could not fit in anywhere.

He is completely self-taught. Now, 5 books later…Creating art is his savior, it allowed him to be with other humans, he has co produced with Robert Evans, and became the City Arts Commissioner for Newport Beach CA, etc. etc.

Art/creativity, healthy dialogue (podcasts) and our adaptability are superpowers that define our limitless human potential.

Creating art always reminds and teaches us of a life as human BEINGS. It makes us aware of human and nature’s wonders for us and future generations.  

Michaell's hub is His 30sec podcast The Smart of Art - The Power of Art and Creativity podcast.  

It's all about art outside systems as a human superpower. Art as the human language of wisdom 30sec. at a time.

Song "Ride On" by James Kevin O'Connor from the album "Geography of the Soul"