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Podcasting Your Global Career

Sep 16, 2022

In today's show, we discuss the best of the best on our spotify playlists. Just in case you’ve forgotten, the dHarmic Evolution is centred around discovering indie singer/songwriters before they get discovered by the mainstream. To this end, we have created a set of playlists to promote some of the guests of the show. In addition the show features Authors, Speakers, and Thought Leaders and the core culture of the dHarmic Evolution brand is built around doing for others. So strap up your seatbelts and let’s take a ride to Nashville on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast.


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As a Preview

The dHarmic rising stars Spotify playlist is a Spotify playlist of 30 songs each that James created and named after certain star constellations. A very eclectic bunch of great songs from various genres are available on these playlists!. In this episode we touch on the top songs of each playlist. Grab your favourite. Ready for a great listening experience? Let’s dive in

Time Stamps

01:53 dHarmic rising stars spotify playlist 

02:11 Scorpius playlist

02:55 Who is the no. 1 artist on Scorpius playlist?

03:56 Money by Zack Linton plays 

08:06 Introducing Holly Lovelady 

09:08 The Orion Playlist

09:53: Oreanne from Holly Lovelady plays

12:58 Matt O’ Ree

14:19 The Aquila playlist

15:20 Black Boots by Matt O’ Ree plays

19:47 James’ time as a DJ in High School

21:28 Introducing Gabe Baker

22:28 Lyra Spotify playlist

23:15 Mother by Gabe plays

28:13 Ride on by James plays

Spotify Playlist:

Make sure you’re not missing out on all our “Rising dHarmic Stars Spotify Playlists”. We already have four (4) playlists where you can find over a hundred songs from our very own dHarmic Evolution alumni. Don’t forget to share them with your family and friends, and let the world support these fantastic indie artists! Check out the links here: 

dHarmic Rising Stars: Aquila

dHarmic Rising Stars: Orion

dHarmic Rising Stars: Lyra

dHarmic Rising Stars: Scorpius

dHarmic Evolution links:

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Special Links and Mentions

Bruce Springsteen

Peter Lewy

Zack Linton From Perth Australia, The West Side, That is Rich With Talented Musical Artists

Zack’s Website

Money by Zack Linton

Holly Lovelady, Canne Film, Touring England, Ireland

Holly’s Website

Oreanne by Holly Lovelady

Matt O’Ree Talks About His Career & The Joy Of Working With Bruce Springsteen

Matt O’Ree’s Website

Black Boots by Matt O’Ree

Gabe Baker Flipped “Upside Down” but Christian Leadership has Come Back Around

Gabe Baker’s Website

Mother by Gabe Baker