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Jul 22, 2022

In today’s episode, we have the master storyteller, James, who shares a fantastic story regarding how his song Rain Dance came together. He talks about the inspiration, the creativity flow, instrumentals and production. Just in case you’ve forgotten, the dHarmic Evolution is centered around discovering indie singers/songwriters before they get discovered by the mainstream. In addition, the show features authors, speakers, and thought leaders, the core culture of the dHarmic Evolution brand is built around doing for others. So strap up your seatbelts, and let’s take a ride to New Jersey on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast.


As a Preview

In this episode, James touches on Indian Americans. He goes on to talk about their style of faith. James also discusses his song Rain Dance, which came about as a result of a brutal heat wave and how the idea for this song came together. As you listen, get to know more about James’ first full length CD, "175 Cherry Lane" which was also self-produced. Also, learn about the Crazy Horse Memorial all on this episode of the Dharmic Evolution.


I’ve always believed the American Indian is such a special breed of person.

What is being an American anymore? It’s hard to put your finger on that.

Because they didn’t have the same name we are using (referring to God) doesn’t mean they didn’t have faith. They had stronger faith than most cultures and revered nature so beautifully.

If you don’t believe in prayer, you might think about making a gesture towards prayer, and if you put some energy and some intellectual capacity into prayer, you might get surprised and might want to do it more often.



03:09 What are we talking about in this episode?

03:41 Do you believe in rain dance?

05:37 Faith and the American Indian

07:02 How do we get rain?

07:23 Behind one of James’ first full-length CD tracks

09:13 Jean’s Evergreens

09:41 James’ collaboration with Drums for you

11:38 More collaborations with Drums for you

14:01 James’ song Thirteen had a full horn section

14:50 The Great Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota

19:00 175 Cherry Rain Collection: Rain Dance Plays

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