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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jun 10, 2022

If you’re longing for some real music that you can feel in your heart, lyrics that speak to your soul, and a live performance with the power to blow the roof off the building, you can stop right here. If you’re tired of all the staged choreography, blinding light shows, capes, costumes, lip-synching and auto-tunes that seem to have taken over live performances, you have found a place to rest, refresh, and renew. Welcome to the world of Laura Cheadle.

Along with her Family Band, she has opened for some of the biggest names in the business and won numerous awards, including “Best Indie Jazz/Blues Band” at WXPN sponsored Tri-State Indie Music Awards. She has performed on stages from NYC to London, appeared on 6ABC’s “Tuned In” as the very first viewer’s choice, the “NBC 10” Show, and the National reality show “Next Great Family Band.” Laura was recently featured in Curve Magazine, named one of “100 Women We Love” in Go Magazine, and declared a “Super Woman” in South Jersey Magazine for her active Charity Work. 

As Traveler Guitar’s newest Brand Ambassador and a recent distribution deal with Sony Orchard, her solo career is starting to explode, performing a set at NAMM2020, filming specialized performance and educational video segments for Next Level Guitar’s site, and having recently been honored with the Musician of the Decade award for her body of work and trend-setting style. One of her original compositions was recently included in a popular TV show, and she participated in a Philadelphia Film project with a seamlessly acted feature role in the short film “Ether.” 

Gifted with a voice powerful enough to shake rafters, and tender enough to navigate the entire range of the emotional scale, Laura Cheadle is a singer commanding more than just a listen or a look. Her albums, like her concerts, are an experience. Inseparable from the truth of the songs she writes, the raw emotion that tears out of her reaches deep into your heart with the kind of performance her audiences remember long after the last notes have been played. 

So without further ado, strap your seatbelts as we take a ride to Philadelphia on this episode of the dHarmic evolution podcast.

As a Preview:

In this episode, we speak to Laura Cheadle, one of the hardest working ladies in showbiz.  As this is her third time on the show, Laura has gone miles ahead from when she and James connected nearly five years ago. We talk about her hippy lifestyle, and a 8 year relationship breakup that became a catalyst for her latest single. Also on this episode, we learn about her favorite artist, her connection with family and her upcoming tour dates

More about Laura Cheadle

Find out more about Laura and hear her music through different platforms. All the links are provided below! Check out her website, social media pages and music platforms that you can visit.



“Music instead of people”- Laura's shirt

“It's like you're programming yourself for failure if you keep saying that”-Laura(negative stuffs)

“This is my music, I'm here to work, I'm here to create things”-James

“Keep your mind clear”-Laura

“Drums are like a physical release, you're working out and enjoying music at the same time”-James

“The acoustic guitar is such a marvellous instrument to write on: it has everything”-James 

"You're like the Elon Musk of Philadephia-Laura"-James

 “The stuff you did the year before and the year before catches up with you and doesn't go unrewarded”-James

“I network 24/7”-Laura

“This album is all of my emotions in two years”-Laura 


01:50 Introducing Laura Cheadle

04:33 Discussing Laura's hippy style

05:36 James discuss how he avoided drugs during early musical career

07:12 What is Laura's moms' best advice?

08:09 Laura's latest single, lost in between plays 

11:56 Behind lost in between

13:19 Laura's family band

14:00 How Laura navigated during a downtime gig period?

14:50 What is Laura's best instrument?

16:46 How's Laura schedule at Sony Orchard

18:00 Social media strategies for artists

18:50 Where has Laura recently travelled to?

19:50 Laura's gig locations during the summer

21:52 How Laura got her gigs?

22:35 Laura's advice to upcoming artists

24:21 You keep Playing by Laura starts playing

28:06 Laura's soul influence

28:40 Laura's collaboration with her dad

30:08 Reverberate by Laura plays

35:12 Ride on by James Kevin plays 

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Special Links and Mentions

Lost in Between 


Sony Orchard

Steven Caan 

Laura's Dad

Stevie Wonder

DE176 Laura Cheadle | Teaching us how to “Chill”

Listen to Ride On by James Kevin O’Connor


Connect with Laura Cheadle