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Podcasting Your Global Career

Apr 29, 2022

Today on the show, still doing something different, I talked about technology, what’s happening and how to protect yourself. Also, I discussed how to leverage your podcast after a show and finally shared the story behind the dHarmic rising star Spotify playlists. And just as a teaser, we will be having guests from all over the world very soon. So, strap up your seatbelt and enjoy this wonderful episode on the dHarmic Evolution podcast. 

 As a preview: 

On technology, I switched to the Brave browser, an ad-blocking privacy browser that helps keep my browsing info private. Whenever I’m doing something sensitive, especially relating to my financial accounts, I use Brave. Another cool perk is you get paid for the viewing ads of your choice! 

Regarding podcasts, I wanted to drop some growth hacks. When you are invited to a show, leverage that opportunity as an infomercial. Don’t just shut off your microphone and move on, take some steps to promote. Share it across your socials and even follow up just to get feedback and continue to build on a blossoming relationship.

Lastly, the dHarmic rising stars Spotify playlist is a Spotify playlist of 30 songs each that I created and named after certain star constellations. A very eclectic bunch of great songs from various genres are available on these playlists! Also, as a guest on the podcast, you get to put one of your songs on the playlist for free.

Listen and enjoy


“I worry that we are getting too complacent on letting our private information run rampant on the Internet”

 “Keep your software updated and turn your phone off at least once a day”

 “After your show is done, think of ways of how to keep it alive”

 “Having your infomercial is very powerful, you took the time to do this, you showed up, you invested the energy and did the right things; don’t let it die”

 “There are always things right in front of us that we tend to overlook”

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I am very comfortable in trying to make people comfortable on the show”

 “You’re tired of your own music at times. Where do you go for inspiration? Other artists, of course!”

 Time Stamps:

00:33 Special shoutout to Indian listeners 

03:36 Talking about technology & privacy

04:07 My switch from Chrome to the Brave browser

06:00 The Brave AdBlocker

06:23 The BAT token

09:03 Jeff Brown

10:56 Light pollution and E.M. radiation

12:22 What do you do with your podcast after being on someone’s show?

13:48 Requirement for getting onto the show

15:28 My secret super link strategy

18:29 Identifying your warm leads

20:21 More marketing techniques

21:23 Introducing the dHarmic Rising Stars Spotify playlists

23:08 Why did I start the dHarmic Rising Stars Spotify playlist?

24:47 Rules guiding the Rising dHarmic Stars Spotify playlists

26:48 Worrying about copying other artists.

29:01 Megan Nadin’s Beautiful Things from the Aquila playlist

31:46 Introducing A Million Miles Away from the Fighting for Frequency Band

36:14 The Lust in Between from Laura Cheadle

39:48 Introducing Stone Senate

41:45 Whiskey Helps starts playing

Spotify Playlist:

Make sure you’re not missing out on all our “Rising dHarmic Stars Spotify Playlists”. We already have four (4) playlists where you can find over a hundred songs from our very own dHarmic Evolution alumni. Don’t forget to share them with your family and friends as well and let the world support these amazing indie artists! Check out the links here: 

dHarmic Rising Stars: Aquila

dHarmic Rising Stars: Orion 

dHarmic Rising Stars: Lyra

dHarmic Rising Stars: Scorpius


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Special Links and Mentions

Tim Ferris
Jeff Brown

DE254 David Burkus, teaching us how to leverage what we already have!

DE290 Megan Nadin, Debut Album “This Was Then” One of Her Beautiful Things

DE312 Fighting for Frequency Brings Us Together with Their Music

DE176 Laura Cheadle | Teaching us how to “Chill”

DE328 Stone Senate Keeps Southern Rock Alive from Dawn to Dusk

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