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Jan 7, 2022

Happy new year listeners of dHarmic Evolution! How’s your new year? I hope that it will be productive, inspired, and prosperous!


As we greet a new great year, we’re back in London with an exciting, emerging talent in the British Music Scene. Her sound is influenced by Soul, R&B, Gospel and Pop, with a commitment to lyrical storytelling. This Scottish-Congolese artist lived in cities across Scotland, England, Zambia and Zimbabwe, before settling in London to share music that is shaped by the life experiences gained during her travels. Please give a warm dHarmic Evolution artist welcome to emaé!


As an independent artist, emaé has already gained recognition and support from prominent music institutions as Serious Live (London Jazz Festival), Help Musicians UK, h Club London and is most recently a recipient of the widely coveted PRS for Music #WomenMakeMusic grant.


Let’s find out more about emaé, her journeys, her experiences, her future aspirations, and her amazing music. Her featured songs “Away from Here” and “Over” will surely captivate your heart. Strap up your seatbelts as we visit London with emaé, here in this episode of the dHarmic Evolution!


More about Emaé

It was an awesome conversation with emaé. If you want to know more about her and see her work, you can check out all her social media pages listed below and support her music!



“That was kind of my encouragement to myself, that no matter what I'm going through, I'm never so far removed that I can't find my way back.“



“I think my ultimate goal will always be to be able to support myself fully from music.”



“The lyrics have always been very important to me, just because I feel like I have something to say, I feel like I want to express myself or express a feeling through my songs.”



“I want my music to be able to tell a story that people can relate to and it can translate into some sort of emotion when people listen to it.”



“Know what you want from the industry, number one. Number two, know who you are, and stay true to that. Because I feel like that's when the best music comes out – when you have the certainty of who you are, you're able to write from a place of truth and in a place where the music means something, it can then stand on its own.”




01:06 Introducing emaé

02:54 The places that emaé has lived and where she is originally from.

03:47 How’s the place that she lived in during her childhood?

05:44 How did emaé get connected with music growing up?

07:27 Why did emaé hate piano lessons as a kid?

08:52 Listen to “Away from Here” by emaé

12:33 A little story and the meaning of the song “Away from Here” 

16:09 emaé as a Pharmacist.  

18:56 How is emaé balancing her pharmacy career and her passion for music?

21:59 emaé’s gypsy soul.

24:08 The influences of emaé’s music and writing.

27:55 Listen to “Over” by emaé

31:45 How the song “Over” was emaé's personal experience.

32:59 What are her takeaways of living in Scotland and the impact of it in her music?

35:57 How are they managing COVID situations in London?

40:12 emaé’s take on working with other artists.

43:25 What does emaé like to do for fun when she’s not writing and creating?

46:51 emae’s aspirations and what she is looking forward to in 2022?

48:39 Words of wisdom from emaé for the audience, especially those who are up and coming artists. 

52:30 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor


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