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Dec 10, 2021

Spotlight Series No. 4: Sarah Christine, The Iveys, Vicu, & Erin Coburn

Welcome to another Spotlight Series on the dHarmic Evolution Podcast. Here we will take four outstanding artists who have been on the show already. We have lifted some small segments from their previous interviews, featured one song from each artist, and spotlighted each artist with a bit of dialogue from the interview.

We’re in for such  a treat with our four artists today:

  • Sarah Christine
  • The Iveys
  • Vicu
  • Erin Coburn

Make sure to check out the links below to see their full interviews and see where you can find them on different platforms. Strap up your seatbelts as we go around the USA and revisit these amazing artists here on the dHarmic Evolution!

Interview with Sarah Christine

We’ll get started with Sarah Christine, an artist from Colorado. Her music is very, very eclectic. She has a kind of EDM slash every good sound that you have heard wrapped together in her music. 

It was always a pleasure hanging out with Sarah Christine as she brings in full energy and creativity with her, so don’t forget to check out her full interview!

In this segment, Sarah talks about her move to Colorado and a funny story of how she wrote one of her favorite songs called “Summer Nights.”

Listen to the song “For You” by Sarah Christine, featured today in the show.

Check out Sarah Christine’s full interview here:

Interview with The Ivey's

Next up, we’re going to Texas with the band The Ivey's. This is a wonderful and amazing very tightly knit family band. They all have their individual skill sets and talents. I enjoyed their music, their production, and the sound of their voices together. 

It was cool hanging out with The Ivey's, and they all showed up for the interview, sharing earbuds together so don’t forget to check out the full interview below!

In this snippet, we’ll get to hear The Ivey's talking about the time that Jessica personally felt the epiphany of hearing their sound and combination together and thinking “Hey, we are the Ivey's.” Also, we get to know their instrumentation in the band with Galen, Jenna, Jessica, Arlen and Hugo, and what their parents think about them. Listen to the song “Colors of Honey” by The Ivey's, featured today in the show.

Checkout the full interview with the Ivey’s right here!


Interview with Vicu

Coming up next is a talented young man from Maryland, by the name of Vicu. He is originally from Romania, and had stories of heartbreak and some loss, but he never let this get him down and put himself through audio school. He's a completely self-taught guitarist and music producer. He has skills that are way beyond the usual mere mortals.

There’s a lot to learn from his interview so don’t forget to check out the full one!

In this segment, Vicu talked about gear (one of my favorite topics!), writing, titles, production, and just about  everything under the sun.

Listen to the song “Back to the Future Love” by Vicu, featured today in the show.

Check out Vicu’s full interview here:

Interview with Erin Coburn

Lastly, we’ve got the hardest working young lady that I know. Erin Coburn is always working it. She is always performing, singing, writing, playing, and doing her beautiful thing with that guitar.

I’ve had a fabulous time chatting with Erin Coburn, we talked about all kinds of ideas music, and she shared with us how she had been challenged to guitar solo using only three notes! So don’t forget to check out the full episode!

In this episode, Erin shares her influences in music and her personality on and off the stage.

Listen to the song “Out from Under” by Erin Coburn, featured in today's show.

Check out Erin Coburn’s full interview here:


02:20 Introducing the artists for Spotlight Series No.4

03:33 Sarah Christine’s spotlight

04:12 Sarah’s interview snippet from Episode 291

08:44 Listen to “For you” by Sarah Christine

15:00 The Ivey's spotlight

16:15 The Ivey's interview snippet from Episode 288

22:44 Listen to “Colors of Honey” by The Iveys

28:14 Vicu’s spotlight

29:26 Vicu’s interview snippet from Episode 296

33:32 Listen to “Back to the Future Love” by Vicu

36:36 Erin Coburn’s spotlight

37:45 Erin Coburn’s interview snippet from Episode 295

42:11 Listen to “Out from Under” by Erin Coburn

49:50 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor


Spotify Playlist: 

Just like our four featured artists in this Spotlight Series, we have other amazing alumni artists who have been on the show, and you can check out their music on the following Spotify playlists. Don’t forget to share them with your friends, and maybe share your top songs with me through the comments!


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