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Sep 10, 2021

The Return of English Bob, as he “Retires from Retirement”

We are in for a real treat today! My guest is one of my dearest friends. We thought he already “packed it in” since he has not been on in a few years, but today he is back with a roar. He is retiring from retirement and has now turned into a Tik Tok and Instagram star. Please welcome back my dear friend, English Bob!

English Bob hails from the Northern part of Southeastern Lower Ipswich on West Waffle Street in the UK. He lives a generally quiet life, but also loves creating instructional training videos, sips tea, loves Fencing, Running, eradicating Bigfoot from his and other neighborhoods, and of course, he loves Mama Bob! He has helped me for years with special projects and Im so excited to have him back here on the dHarmic Evolution Podcast!

Were going to hear his amazing and interesting stories especially about growing pumpkins and see what he has been up to and what he is currently doing. Lets all strap up our seatbelts as we go to lower Ipswich today with English Bob!

More about English Bob

Check out what English Bob is up to. He is on Instagram and Tiktok, look for @englishbob5, and dont forget to follow and support him. All the links are provided below. Also, if you need a little backstory on Englishs life, take a look at the previous episodes that he has been in. You just simply need to search English Bob” on the search bar of



Congratulations on your book, 7 Steps to Mental Freedom. This is one of the reasons why I decided to get back in the saddle and help you along your quest to help others who suffer from melancholiaminamia, anemia, anxiety, and depression?”

-English Bob congratulating James for his book.


As far as satisfying Im as pleased as a pheasant at a grouse convention doing this kind of work.”

-English Bob on growing pumpkins


That my dear James, that's how I came to love, cherish, and farm my dear pumpkins, forevermore… After that experience, I knew I would be a pumpkin farmer most of the days of my life. And I have been pumpkin patching ever since.”

-English Bob talks about his history of growing pumpkins


04:01 Introducing English Bob

05:00 Welcome English Bob

09:01 What has English Bob been up to?

10:43 What was Englishs life like in the countryside and the farm when he was not retired?

12:25 How did English get into pumpkin growing and has it been satisfying for him?

12:50 The interesting history on how English started growing pumpkins.

17:02 How did English survive the attack as he continues on with his backstory in growing pumpkins.

20:53 English chooses this episode's outro song as a tribute to, retiring from his retirement.

21:56 Where can people find and connect with English Bob? On tik tok, and “Instant Gram”

23:07 Listen to Tango On” by James Kevin OConnor


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dHarmic Rising Stars: Aquila


dHarmic Rising Stars: Orion


dHarmic Rising Stars: Lyra


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Special links and Mentions:

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Smashing Pumpkins


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