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Jun 11, 2021

Music is their weapon, will you join the fight? We’ve got three gentlemen to visit today in New Orleans. That’s three out of the five members – the guitarist, the keyboardist, and the bassist of the band. We’re going to talk about guitars, songs, gigs, New Orleans, touring, and anything else that we can think of with Fighting for Frequency!

Fighting for Frequency’s origin is a tale of amazing timing, one about the universe conspiring to bring musicians together in a serendipitous way. Chris and Dave had been long-time friends and had played music together in the past. Chris had given up on music years before, but when he moved into Dave’s neighborhood around 2016, Chris and Dave realized they had the itch to write music again.

At nearly the same time, Adam who is Dave’s childhood friend moved into the neighborhood literally in the house behind Dave’s. Knowing Adam was an excellent musician and songwriter that had played in several melodic metal bands, Dave invited Adam over for a listening party that engendered mutual respect for each other’s songwriting skills, leading to ideas and aspirations being shared. A gate was built in the fence to transport gear from Adam’s to Dave’s.

Adam also brought in a close friend as a drummer, and Fighting for Frequency was formed, with Adam utilizing his production skills to mold F4F into a more anthem-style arena rock sound partnered with high-energy shows. Within a couple of performances, the band grabbed the attention of a dedicated group of local rock fans, F4F’s freaks! Soon after, Randon moved to New Orleans from Shreveport. The first live music show in New Orleans that he attended happened to be a Fighting for Frequency show. He showed up looking to network with other musicians. Getting friends with F4F and with his background in metal, Randon proved he was a phenomenal guitarist and brought a killer new approach to the band’s sound. He was asked to fill in on guitar for a show while Dave was out of town. While Dave was away, he sends F4F videos of him playing their songs on piano for social media content, prompting the idea of Dave playing keys since he has played piano most of his life. With Dave expressing interest in playing keys and Randon having great chemistry with the band, it was the catalyst for the further growth of F4F.

Due to the demands of F4F’s touring schedule, the previous drummer moved on, but during the recording of the second F4F album, the guys brought in-studio drummer Brody. An absolute monster drummer, they asked him to join the fight, and he has infused hard-hitting new life into the rhythm section of F4F.

Forged in the fires of rock and brought together by a series of fortuitous events, the formidable five members of Fighting for Frequency are determined to share their passion for rock with their fans, bringing rock back to its former glory. Music is their weapon. Join the fight!

More about Fighting for Frequency

Adam - Vocals/Guitar; Dave – Keys; Randon – Guitar; Brody – Drums; Chris – Bass

We hung out with Dave, Chris, and Randon today, but if you want to know more about the other members and their music, you can check out the links through their socials provided below so you can connect and listen to them.



"... we are sort of fighting through the media clutter. There's a lot of artists out there, and there's also just a lot of peanut butter, it's hard to get heard in the 21st century. So, we're fighting for that space, that frequency within music and just within the industry in itself. We felt that it was appropriate, both on a symbolic level and also on the literal level of as musicians, we are fighting for that space." -Chris


"We try to bring that vibe, but we're having a good time on stage. If we're having a good time, I think the fans will too. It's sort of infectious to see people playing music and doing something they're passionate about." -Chris


"I think people generally associate rock with anger, but that's not really us." – Randon


"I think specifically during the pandemic, we spent a lot of time focused on social media and trying to expand our social media presence as well, just because it was the easiest way to get the word out and get the frequency out during that time." -Dave


"Don't get frustrated, keep on plugging along and sometimes trust the process. You might be impressed where the journey takes you." -Chris


"You just got to get out there and you got to pursue it. You know, you can't sit in your room and just play riffs and hope that being talented will be enough to get you somewhere, you got to put yourself out there, you got to get uncomfortable, and you got to meet people." -Randon


01:30 Introducing Fight for Frequency

02:19 What is the story behind the band’s name: Fighting for Frequency

05:06 How does the writing process start for Fighting for Frequency

09:42 How was the transition phase of Dave when he changed from guitar to keys

12:39 Listen to “A Million Miles Away” by Fighting for Frequency

17:54 How did “A Million Miles Away” come together?

19:28 Fighting for Frequency shares how they work their way during the pandemic?

24:51Talking about New Orleans – where they are, and the support they are getting

27:34 Fighting for Frequency shares the wide spectrum of their fanbase

30:55 Where are their gigs happening?

33:16 How do F4F communicate with their fans, and how do they keep them up to date?

35:38 Listen to “Fast Forward” by Fighting for Frequency

42:43 The gears and setup that Fighting for Frequency is using.

46:08 What are Fighting for Frequency’s aspiring for this 2021.

51:30 Any food for thoughts, advice, or anything that they would like to say to younger singer-songwriters and bands who are just starting to develop their craft?

56:18 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor


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