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Podcasting Your Global Career

Mar 19, 2021

We have a phenomenal jazz singer on today’s episode of the dHarmic evolution. She became known not only for her pure voice in the exceptional five-octave range but for her ability to connect with her audiences emotionally and draw them into the music. She has played in Las Vegas for 14 years, sharing the stage alongside talents like Frank Sinatra Jr. and Billy Preston. She also was a featured entertainer for USO, lifting the spirits of our men and women in uniform for three years. From the great state of Indiana, let’s welcome Barbara Santora!

Today, Barbara shares with us her great experiences in Las Vegas and the time she did USO tours. Get to know her more and of course, her music! We’re featuring some of her amazing songs such as “Micky’s,” “Midnight Escape,” and “That’s Just the Way It Goes”. We’ll get to listen to them, know their stories and go behind the scenes.

More about Barbara Santora

John Michael O’Leary –pianist, singer, and composer. Barbara’s duo called Side by Side.

Check out their Facebook page and website to keep up to date with their awesome songs and new releases. All links are provided below.



“I really hope James that I never reach a point in my life in my career, that I don't think I can learn something from someone. Because, I believe that if you reach that point where you feel that you cannot learn anymore, then you're really done.”



“I really think that that's the whole inspiration behind the whole thing is that, push the other stuff aside, stay true to yourself, and move forward. And somewhere, someone along the way, is finally going to realize who you are and what you do.”



“I go back to the fact that I don't believe that it was my talent that stopped me; from our lack of talent that stopped me from making it a long time ago. If what we call making it is what we call like, being known all over the world. But I really believe it was because I believed that you had to keep the principles. If I cannot look in the mirror and like who I am, then I'm not gonna be happy.”



“It doesn't really make any difference if you've got 100 people or you've got 10,000 people. You are there to do what God gave you the gift to do and do it. Go for it. Go for it. I don't care how big your crowd is how little your crowd is. Give them all you've got because that's what God gave you.”



“For all of those out there that have given up. Put your career in God's hands, and in His timing, and let Him decide when it's right for you to do it. Because you're going to go through obstacles all along your way. But if you love it, and it's what you're driven to do, put it in His hands and watch his miracles happen.”



03:18     Introducing Barbara Santora

04:38     Barbara’s music – has it always been jazz for her?

07:33     Barbara’s time in USO

11:14     Listen to “Micky’s” by Barbara Santora

13:54     How was Micky’s put together?

16:29     Where did they record Micky’s?

17:40     For Barbara, what is the best process when putting a song together?

22:37     Listen to “Midnight Escape” by Barbara Santora

26:41     The story behind the song “Midnight Escape”

28:52     Barbara shares her journey in Vegas, and some stories

with the people, she shared the stage with.

35:31     For Barbara, what is her best chapter in life?

39:55     Listen to “That’s Just the Way It Goes” by Barbara Santora

43:43     Barbara takes us to the studio when recording “That’s Just the Way It Goes”

47:38     How are they doing in Indiana and how they handled the pandemic?

51:31     Barbara’s favorite places to play.

56:18     Barbara Santora’s message to the listeners


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