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Feb 19, 2021

It feels like I’m back where I belong and that is here on the dHarmic evolution hanging out with you. We’ve got an awesome, young Spitfire lady today on the show. We got to chat with her before and it’s amazing to hear from her again. She is a singer, a lyricist, and the star performer of the band Dream Aria, Ann Burstyn!

Dream Aria is one of the best Canadian Progressive rock bands that I know. They were already great before, but there has been a lot of growth and development that you can hear in their sound. The playing and the vocals have jumped way up. As they said, their motto is “No rules, no boundaries.” They don’t limit themselves to evolving their sound. We’ve got two amazing tracks featured on the show today but there are a lot more to hear from them, so check out the links below on where you can find them.

Ann updates us on how they are doing right now in Toronto, Canada – also with her daughter, health-wise, and of course, with their music. She also shares some of her hobbies and something that can help you with de-stressing.

More about Dream Aria 

Other Members:

  • Donald Stagg – Keyboardist, Composer, and sometimes lyricist
  • Garry Flint – Drummer, Producer/Engineer, Co-composer and main Composer
  • Andrew Berezowsky – Guitarist, Violinist, Vocalist

Dream Aria is virtually everywhere, but the best place to check them out is on their Facebook page. Ann and Don are both on it, checking your messages for whatever you need to reach out to them with. Also, check out their YouTube channel, they’ve got new videos waiting for you. All links are provided below.



"Every day that's a studio day is the best day. For me, it's heaven and I don't like being away from the studio, in fact. I find it difficult." 


We want to be together. The real magic is actually being together.


"Being outside in nature, and doing the photography and seeing all this beauty that I really didn't know existed. I mean, I knew it was there, just not to the extent that I've now seen, has been very healing for me. And it helped take away a lot of my physical pain, emotional pain, mental stress, it's a good de-stress. "


"The fresh air alone. I mean, anyone can do this if they're feeling low, or just, you know, clutters in their head. Just go outside, just for five minutes. It's so feeling just the fresh air or there's a certain vibe." 


"I think my main thing lately is seeing that people are quite depressed, isolated, lonely, and sad. And when I speak with personal friends about this, I urge them to try something new to get out of there, that feeling of isolation."


"Honestly, everyone has something in them I think that they can tap into, and then they can develop into this gift they never knew and that they can share it with others. I mean, how great would that be?"


02:18 Introducing Ann Burstyn of Dream Aria

05:02 How Dream Aria got together

13:30 Listen to "Out of the Void" by Dream Aria

17:24 The story of "Out of the Void"

19:15 Ann's daughter

20:47 How are they doing in Mississauga?

23:32 Health-wise, how are they doing right now?

25:40 With everything that she's doing besides music, how does Ann manage her day and week?

31:18 Listen to "The Professor" by Dream Aria

35:00 The story of creating "The Professor"

40:38 Other hobbies that Ann is into.

44:50 Ann Burstyn's send-off message to the fans

47:14 The best place to connect with Dream Aria

49:30 Listen to "Connected" by James Kevin O'Connor

Spotify Playlist:

We’ve got two of the many playlists to look out for. They are named after the constellations, Aquila and Orion. Check out these links to hear the amazing and talented artist that we’ve featured on the show before.

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Special Links and Mentions:


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Connect with Dream Aria:









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