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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jan 8, 2021

Today we've got a really unbelievable guy, he is like a throwback to yesteryear. This young man is a tribute to the best rock music you've ever heard in your life. His music is like a rework of the whole sound of the classic rock icons of years gone by and made it even better.

Check out this gentleman! He is a musician, producer, singer-songwriter, and mixing engineer. Moreover, he is an actor for a couple of decades now. All the way up from North Carolina, Jason Damico!

A little background on Jason Damico

He grew up with great parents who have been supporting him in both music and acting. He started out as an actor when he modeled as a calendar baby at 18 months old. At 2 years old, he was holding a plastic guitar, making the couch as the amplifiers and it is for him as a vision quest and that’s how everything started. He was raised music-wise with a little bit of the faith-based Christian raw community and the secular music – from the classic rock icons.

At 15, he won the battle of the bands with some friends. Recording his music fueled his creativity in producing and as a mixing engineer to create sounds. During his freshman to sophomore years, he went to jazz camps at colleges. He was in college-level theory courses as a drummer, his main instrument.

He also shared with us his injury back when he was 14 which instead of being a setback became a supernatural experience on understanding the context of soundscape both from a structural standpoint and also melodic theory.

Jason as an actor, musician, and producer at this time

Jason’s honest answer when asked how he managed to balance his acting and music career is “Barely”. He really got a lot on his plate. But from his standpoint, he considers acting and music as not as much different.

Due to the current situation, Jason just did house concerts, but he is mainly focusing on all the projects he is going to roll out in 2021. He also did mix a couple of records for other artists. As of the moment, he is still in the process of elimination and is waiting to unfold what is in store in the future.

More about Jason Damico

Jason got good news on what he’s been working on and the best place to stay tuned is through his website, You can also catch him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. All links are provided below.


I really didn't see any problem in not pursuing it. It seemed like a problem if I didn't pursue it.

If I can just take a second to try and encourage anybody out there who has been through any type of physical trauma. You know, there's light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes it could be your greatest asset later on. It just takes time.

You're just trying to be authentic and be present at the moment and have the best performance possible.

I would say, just stay true to yourself, and really take the time to meditate, spend time in prayer, whatever that means for you. And really settle down within yourself and just be okay with the silence.


01:07 Introducing Jason Damico
04:18 Jason shares his musical influences
06:28 Listen to “Green Eyed Blonde” by Jason Damico
10:41 Jason’s take on bands and how he started producing
15:28 A little story on his eye surgery when he was a kid
20:05 Listen to “Hold Me A Little Closer” by Jason Damico
23:34 Continuation of Jason’s story on his surgery
28:01 Jason as an actor, how did it start?
30:49 How is Jason managing everything – as an artist, producer, and a singer-songwriter
32:55 Listen to “Old Soul” by Jason Damico
37:58 Jason’s take on being an actor vs. a musician
42:17 What are Jason’s aspirations for his career
47:11 Listen to "My Rock & Roll” by Jason Damico
52:56 What is Jason busy with right now?
55:52 Jason’s best wishes and parting words to the audience
58:22 Best place to know more about Jason and his upcoming releases
59:38 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

Spotify Playlist

Come and check out the Spotify playlist “Rising dHarmic Stars”
Featuring amazing and talented artists who have been a guest in the show!

Special links and Mentions

Jim Morrison
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Jimi Hendrix
Led Zeppelin
Grand Funk Railroad
Mark Farner
The Beatles
Duke Medicine (North Carolina)
Stewart Copeland
The Police
Van Halen
Deep Purple
Robert De Niro
Joe Pesci
Jimmy Page
Eric Gales
PJ Farley
Kenny Aronoff
Gary Hoey


Connect with Jason Damico

YouTube: jasondamico
Instagram: @jdamicoofficial
Facebook: @jdamicoofficial
Twitter: @jdamicoofficial
Snapchat: jdamico94