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Podcasting Your Global Career

Dec 4, 2020

Pop-singer, songwriter, and an artist coach! Dani Felt will join us today for an exciting view on her music solo career and her business in the music industry.

Dani Felt is originally born in Philadelphia. She has adapted her music life to the Music City. She exceeded the expectations of many when she switched from being a singer-songwriter to the pop genre. She spins tales of twisted love dark secrets and haunted stories. The dark pop sound of her music complements her powerful and seductive voice.

She released her debut pop single “Queen” this year 2020. She made a bold statement and a hardcore vibe through her latest track. She wanted to make sure that her music is impacting people in some way.  Which is definitely something we can feel with her tracks.

Dani Felt’s musical background 

Dani Felt started to enjoy performing when she was a little kid. She started with Nursery rhymes at the age of two and would perform in front of her parents. At 10, she started doing voice lessons. She did musicals and theaters during her middle and high school years, as well.

In middle school, she started doing poetry. She combined her love for writing words and music and put them into songwriting. She also entered several musical camps when she was a kid. She liked being in studios writing, recording, and performing at a really young age.

Her parents are not musically inclined, although they have a huge passion for music. Her grandmother can sing but did not really pursue a career in it. Her dad’s second cousin is a song-writer and wrote the song The Greatest Love of All. Overall, she is surrounded by a creative vibe.

Dani Felt’s early career in the music industry 

It was in college when Dani Felt learned that she loves leadership, project management, and finding the right people. A year later, she interned at a music PR company in London wherein she got fired. She wanted to prove that she can do her own thing. And so, she started a music blog without any connections and started from there.

She moved to New York and realized that she is really good at connecting people together.  She gets to showcase artists and got to connect people in the industry -- filmmakers, painters, artists, musicians, business people where she would put up events together. Eventually, she had to stop since it was a lot of work for not a lot of money.

Her business in the music world 

Dani Felt believed that artists should not just focus on one platform. She said that the main point is to understand who their fans are, where they are, what your brand is, and what you're selling. She believes that there are many ways to monetize the artist’s skill, they just have to get creative, create, and plan. She likes to teach people to put themselves first and value themselves and their gifts.

She gets frustrated most when people need her help, but don't want to change or do the work. Although this year, she is learning to let people have control of their own lives and make decisions. Without any pressure, she just wants them to come to her when they want to work with her. That’s when she realized that when she focuses on what her working on, it attracts more clients because seeing what she does makes them want to be part of it.

She also believes that mindset portrays the biggest part. She stated that if you don't believe that it's possible, it will not be possible. She is also a fan of learning and she shares them with her clients, from the emotional aspect to money management.



2:16 Check out Dani Felt’s new single, “Queen”

2:44 A look at Dani Felt’s sound and musical background

7:45 Listen to “Gone” by Dani Felt

10:40 The crazy story behind the song “Gone”

12:44 How is her family doing back in Philadelphia?

15:02 How did she get involved in the business world of music?

18:56 Listen to “Drowned in Heartache” by Dani Felt

22:50 A continuation on the journey of her business that helps artists to showcase their talent.

26:52 What is her take on doing business on Spotify?

33:56 What does Dani Felt get excited about; being a creative artist or a business person?

37:33 Listen to “Queen” by Dani Felt

41:05 Dani Felt’s shares her experience in the studio while creating her single “Queen”

43:32 Her most challenging experience in coaching

48:07 Who are the thought leaders that inspired and helped her?

52:50 Where’s the best place to connect with Dani Felt?

53:29 Dani Felt’s parting words of wisdom to the listeners
56:08 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

Spotify Playlist

“Rising dHarmic Stars” is the Spotify Playlist to keep an eye on! it has past stand out guests that you simply must give a listen to here!



That was a really cool moment because I realized so many things that artists can make an impact with their music, that anyone can do anything even if they've never had any experience.


If I had to choose, I would choose music, but I would have to make sure that the music I'm making is impacting people in some way.


I realized that the more I just focus on whatever I'm working on at the moment, the somehow attracts clients.


If you don't believe that it's possible, it will not be possible


Really value your time because it is the only thing we have. Everything. Like that's the only thing that we have.


I would just say, never give up. Like, never give up on your dreams. Do what you love. Take action. Just take it one step at a time.

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